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Product Maintenance

Ash, a living material

Ash is a living material with natural variations in pattern, shine and grain; meaning that each piece of furniture is entirely unique. Ash wood changes with the seasons. It shrinks in dry air and swells in humid conditions. The durability of the surface depends on how hard the wood is and what form of treatment the surface has received. Ash belongs to the Hardwood family and the wood’s high density means it is one of the hardest around. Melo’s products in natural ash are treated with Osmo Hardwax 3040 White.


To keep in mind

Ash is a material that you need to care of, especially in the beginning but less so as the years pass.

Certain liquids will be absorbed easier and stain the wood, for example, coffee, tea and red wine. Wipe the liquid up as soon as you can to avoid permanent damage to the wood. When cleaning, be extra vigilant if you are using harsh or abrasive cleaning agents such as scouring powder, nylon scouring pads, steel wool or similar products that can damage the surface. Both interior lighting and sunlight will have an effect on the brightness and colour of the wood. Therefore, objects that remain stationary, such as a table top, can be permanently discoloured and cause changes to the wood’s surface. Since the wood is a living material, it is not unusual for the larger table tops to grow or shrink by up to 0.5%, depending on the environment. Factors that can effect the wood include humidity, heating and the season.


Treatment and maintenance

Taking care of your product is especially important in the first year. Try and treat the wood once a year, for the first three years. After this initial period, treating the wood every two to three years will be sufficient. If you own a Table Ash or a Coffee Table Ash, we recommend that you use Osmo Hardwax 3040 White first and then add Osmo Hardwax Clear Matt 3062. If you own the Mirror Ash, the Stool Ash, the Magazine Rack Ash or the Orb Ash, we can recommend you use Osmo Hardwax 3040 White. Both these products (or similar brands) can be found in most reputable paint shops. In the case of an accident, smaller dents can sometimes be removed using a damp cloth and an iron. Place the damp cloth over the dent and heat carefully using a very hot iron. The wood will swell and the dent should fill. Be extremely careful if you need to perform this procedure. Melo is not responsible for any injuries caused whilst performing this action. If you have any questions or require any advice, do not hesitate to contact us at or give us a call and leave a message on +46 (0)10-138 81 05 and we will get back to you!