About Melo

Handcrafted minimalism

Melo is handcrafted minimalism. Combining humble aesthetics that remove all the unnecessary details with quality craftsmanship from Dalarna, the heart of Sweden, using only the best materials and taking no shortcuts in production.

Our heritage

Every name has its own story. Ours comes from Carmelo Medina Tadeo who lived in Gran Canaria and had several professions during his lifetime, all sharing his passion to create. Carmelo, or Melo, as his family called him is the grand father of Melo’s creative director and our name is in honour of our creative heritage.

Humble minimalistic design

Melo is all about minimalistic design. In our design process we focus on removing all unnecessary details. The aim is to create a modest look, enabling our products to blend in to the environment you want. That’s why we call it humble minimalistic design.

Handcrafted in Dalarna – the heart of Sweden

Our products are handcrafted upon request in the small village of Mockfjärd in Dalarna - the heart of Sweden. We take no shortcuts in our production process and that’s why we only use the best solid materials. If you haven’t seen or felt the difference solid materials make it may be hard to imagine, but once you do, it makes a world difference.